The Gospel Of Laxity

Before I say what’s on my mind let me start by prefacing it with a few words:

There will be a lot of folks who won’t like what I’m about to say, will be angered by what I’m about to say, will be offended by what I’m about to say, and/or will want to argue/debate what I’m about to say. My answer to that is simple, I’m not asking you to like it, be happy with it, approve it, or agree with it. To that end your comments, good, bad, or otherwise will go unanswered and if they’re deemed inappropriate, deleted. So, before I continue, if you believe you can’t abide by or like these ground rules, read no further and leave now!

Here we go,…

…this weekend I’ve spent a good 8-10 hours listening to various gospel groups in concert. And while I have not one musical bone in me and I sing like a prisoner (always behind a bar and looking for a key😜) I do know what spirit filled, anointed, and sincere, heartfelt singing is! Having been reared in an old fashion Pentecostal family and church, coupled with 37 years of ministry I know that I know that I know spirit filled and anointed anything! That said, I feel that the past 25+ years of laxity that has overtaken the pulpit has had a negative effect on the church and the individual Christian. Pastors now dress down in the pulpit at every service. Anyone showing up in a suit and tie is now eyed as the oddity, the fundamentalist fuddy-duddy! Anything from torn jeans and a polo to shorts and a tee-shirt has become the norm, and with it, a laxity in reverence, sincerity, and, inerrancy. The Old Testament sacrifices didn’t require the best and purest of animals to be sacrificed for nothing! If it didn’t cost the individual something, it wasn’t a satisfactory sacrifice. Jesus overthrew the tables of the buyers, sellers, and money changer because they didn’t cost the people Anything!

Klave R. Weiden 09/27/2019

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I stood in remembrance of a story from younger days,

In a small Sunday school that seemed so far away;

I loved to hear those stories as a wide-eyed youth,

But now I dismissed their truths, now they were but child’s play.

But one story so vividly came rushing into my mind,

Of the lady caught in adultery, doing more than double time;

They dragged her from her den of evil,

These religious leaders all proper and refined!

They judged and found her guilty, that could not be denied,

The law was quickly interpreted, it was written quite clear;

Drag her out in the midst of the sanctimonious few,

They all amassed, Stone in hand, her demise was very near.

Finding Jesus so near, their pride turned to gloat,

They demanded His verdict, her crime could not be hidden;

He wrote her judgement of her sins in the sands,

And just as quickly scratched them out, He wouldn’t do their bidding.

He stood again, lifted His Head, faced the angry mob,

He looked past their stares, into their souls so cold;

“You made your judgement in your haste without righteousness,”

“But he who stands and has no sin the first stone let him throw.”

His gaze stayed fixed upon the crowd, their hearts to search,

With righteousness His words like a sword did cut;

They turned now to walk away, the Master had intervened,

And MERCY reigned, in a silence you could hear a stone drop!

I stood before the cross, condemned of my past,

The sins were all so real, as I stood upon the hilltop;

I trembled in His presence, I fell on my face,

But His GRACE was so great you could hear a stone drop.

I can never forget that day so glorious and grand,

As the tears rolled down my face, tears that wouldn’t stop;

He stood in all His majesty, I fell on my face,

But His MERCY was so great you could hear a stone drop.

So many times I failed Him, to many to count,

One excuse, then another, until the lies I couldn’t stop;

But Christ stood with arms outstretched to me a prodigal,

But His LOVE was so unending you could hear a stone drop.

Klave R. Weiden 03/11/2018

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Lord, I know you’re up in heaven,

And looking down upon this earth.

I know you weep at each last breath,

And elated with each new birth.

You see the sick and aged,

As they struggle through their day.

You shared their pain and wiped their tears,

And daily guide them on their way.

Lord you see the ones that battle disease,

Like cancer, dementia, spina bifida, to name a few.

And we know the stripes that your body suffered,

You did so for our healing, our faith in you renewed.

Lord there’s so many here on earth this day,

Who suffer more than I will ever know.

And each day they live triumphant,

All because of the faith that you bestow.

Lord, in contrast to the ails of the masses,

My ailments, well,..they’re quite small.

But I pray, when you’re through blessing the others,

I only ask for any leftovers for my cause.

For the kingdom I’ve done no great thing,

Like preach to thousands, or the masses did heal.

There are others I know that are more worthy,

They heeded your call, made your presence real.

So when you’re done blessing all the others,

When your healing touch has touched all the rest.

I just ask for a small bit of the leftovers,

Just a crumb from your table I ask.

Klave R. Weiden 03/10/2018

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